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Withytree Farm, Broadway Road,
Near Winchcombe, Glos.
GL54 5NT - Tel. 07854 888 861


Combine the very latest in irrigation innovation with a friendly, reliable and traditional service. A comprehensive product range complements the widest selection of services.
In order that your garden is fitted with the most water efficient irrigation system, design is of paramount importance. Our design team is available to assist with your planning. For instructions on how to compile your drawing please contact us.
Helpful friendly staff are always on hand to give technical advice through every stage of design, purchase and installation. They will take time to explain any aspect of the system. Call Now!
Being sure you are able to obtain spare parts and accessories whenever you need them, can be a large factor in selecting a brand of products. SPA Irrigation systems are readily available!
Where do I start?
Garden Irrigation Supplies have two kits to get you started. The first is a Dripper Kit. A simple microbore system with all the equipment you will need for 10 average hanging baskets, pots and tubs etc. The second is a Spray Kit. A larger system with enough polypipe, micro sprinklers and sprays to irrigate 30m of flowerbeds and borders. Both kits can be extended for additional requirements. These pages will help you select the most appropriate SPA product for each area of your landscape. If you are unsure of any aspect, we are only a phone call away.

Will an irrigation system save money? - Without question ~ check out the statistical comparisons.

Do I need a water meter? - Rulings differ between areas, we suggest you check with your local water authority.

What if I want to redesign my garden? - Our Irrigation systems are very versatile and can be altered to accommodate changes.

Can I install an irrigation system myself? - Yes, all SPA components simply click or screw together for easy DIY assembly.

  • SPA irrigation products are suitable for every application ~ from hanging baskets to country estates.
  • Almost a century of development has gone into the design of SPA irrigation systems.
  • There is simply no substitute for the quality and after sales support that comes with every SPA product.
  • All SPA components are made out of plastic and are free from rust and corrosion.