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This kit comprises of the following items:
1 x 15m Microbore Pipe
1 x Mains Tap Manifold
20 x Mini In-Line Drippers
10 x End-Line Drippers
10 x Valves
9 x 3-Way Tee Connectors
20 x Wall Clips
10 x Mini Pipe Holders

These tiny units literally drip-feed individual plants and use a minimal quantity of water, yet every plant is kept perfectly nourished. Drippers are fed via a 3.6 mm i/d Microbore Feed Pipe which can be easily hidden. The Dripper Kit (shown left) contains all the equipment you need to irrigate up to 10 average size hanging baskets, large pots, tubs, window boxes etc. For 'fit and forget' irrigation use a timer - see Battery Controller. This ensures watering even when you are away on holiday.

A common misconception with hanging baskets irrigation is that water must appear out the bottom of a basket before enough is replenished. The truth is that this water draining out the basket simply wastes water whilst washing away all the valuable nutrients from the soil. Hanging baskets benefit immeasurably from receiving regular doses of water, but do not appreciate flooding. With a timer controlled irrigation system you can accurately control the amount of water your baskets receive. Once set up it will deliver the same amount of water every time. No more over or indeed under watering.

1) SPA Timer (optional) 2) Mains Tap Manifold with five outlets screws onto tap or timer. 3) Each outlet from the manifold can feed up to 30 Drippers, 30x5 outlets = 150 Total Drippers. To ensure an even flow of water throughout the system it is recommended that each group should be controlled by its own valve. 4) Microbore pipe should be cut to the correct lengths using sharp scissors/knife. Use wall clips every 45cm when attaching the pipe. 5) Use End-line and In-line Drippers accordingly and Mini Spikes to hold pipe in place. 6) When connecting the fitting into the Microbore pipe use hot water to warm the end of the pipe. 7) Drippers sit on top of soil surrounding plant.

 The microbore pipe connects to the water source using a Mains Tap Manifold, (this unit has 5 outlets and up to 30 Drippers can be fed from a single outlet, this is enough for 10 average hanging baskets.) garden irrigation supplies bullet The mains tap manifold screws onto the tap or timer. garden irrigation supplies bullet The Drippers are inserted into the run of microbore pipe (a simple snip and push in process) and are held in place by a Pipe Holder for perfect positioning.  Each set of drippers should have its own control Valve allowing water to be evenly distributed throughout the system. garden irrigation supplies bullet You can spur off using 3-way Tee Connectors.