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Pumped irrigation systems get more done in one go. An area requiring six pop-ups could also require six solenoid valves to control the water, when supplied by a garden tap, sending the water to each pop-up in turn. Pumping water from a storage tank offers the increased capacity to operate all six pop-ups together, via a single solenoid valve. The greater water availability created by the pump significantly reduces the number of solenoid valves required to manage the water efficiently.

typical installation of pumped irrigation system for large garden
1) Pumped irrigation systems are more complex.  Professional design and installation is recommended. 2) If you require a fully automatic irrigation system with the sense to turn itself off when it's raining you can install a rain sensor (EC, SRC & ICC only). 3) A controller will turn on a pump unit at an appointed time, then sequentially open each of the solenoid valves for a pre-designated period. 4) Once constructed the solenoid manifold can be mounted VERTICALLY e.g. on a wall.  OR HORIZONTALLY e.g. buried in the ground. 5) Water supply into the tank.

solenoids placed in a special enclosure solenoids installed in a wall mounted box
Solenoids can be buried in a special enclosure, or wall mounted in a convenient location.
installaion of solenoid valves requires only few parts
Each manifold is built to specific requirements. The design enables setting up any number of solenoids. Connection to the water supply can be made through either end with a blanking cap sealing one end. This cap can be removed, and the manifold extended by using Male and Female fittings (25.4 mm) for extra solenoids. Whether connected to a garden tap or a pumped system, the solenoid manifold retains the same configuration.
Tip: When installing solenoid wires, allow for all possible future expansion requirements.

Solenoid valves work in conjunction with the EC, SRC & ICC controllers. Each solenoid controls one zone, the controller supplies a 24V actuating voltage to the solenoid for it to open.
After the required amount of time has passed the controller turns off the supply to the solenoid, closing it.
Transferring the power to the next station opening each solenoid in sequence.
HPV & PGV are high-grade construction made of durable PVC and stainless steel to resist wear. Manual bleed keeps the valve box dry. Heavy-duty solenoid provides dependable operation and long life. Flow control allows greater versatility of operation.
The HPV is used in higher-pressure systems. Professional grade valves that can cope with dirty water. The integral flow control allows for greater versatility of operation.

HPV High Performance

 With low flow capabilities the HPV is suitable for tap (mains) fed systems.
 High-grade valve developed for domestic and residential systems.

PGV Professional grade

 Featuring rigid diaphragm support to prevent stress failure in tough conditions.
 Designed to pressures up to 150 psi, the PGV is ideal for pumped systems.
solenoid valve for use in irrigation solutions installation of a solenoid valve in garden's watering solution
5 1/8"
2 3/4"
4 5/8"
2 1/2"
4 1/2"

mini click II rain sensor to be used in irrigation systemsThe Mini Click II is the best selling rain sensor in the world. It measures rainfall through moisture absorbing (hygroscopic) disks. There is no collection cup to clog up so it requires no regular maintenance.
You can set the sensitivity to allow 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 or one inch (25mm) of rain to fall before it switches the system off.
The housing is made of UV resistant thermoplastic, and the mounting bracket is aluminium, so this unit is built to last.
Unlike sensors that are buried in the ground to measure soil moisture the Mini Click II will not get in your way, it is mounted safely above ground, often on the side of a building.
check valves are used in irrigation and watering systemsThis check valve has two functions. Primarily to prevent water draining back from your system into your household supply. In addition it can be used to stop water flow unless a preset pressure is reached. It can be set to open at any pressure, from 1.7 to 14 psi. Useful on overhead irrigation systems, it prevents water held in the suspended pipe work from leaking through the emitters after operation.
Install it in-line just before the first outlet for maximum effect. Also for 13mm systems to prevent water retained in pipework from draining down slopes and causing flooding, through spray heads, pop-ups etc.