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Withytree Farm, Broadway Road,
Near Winchcombe, Glos.
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Delivers precisely the amount of water that is required at all stages of your plants' development. Interchangeable Sprinkler and Mister nozzles enable you to progressively increase the droplet size as plants mature. The distribution pattern and flow rates can be readily adjusted to produce optimum conditions for propagation. Mister and Upside Down Sprinklers are suspended above plants to reduce the greenhouse temperature as well as provide essential nourishment to your crop.

Designed to provide controlled overhead sprinkling to plants in Greenhouses and Polytunnels, these versatile units can be progressively upgraded in terms of droplet size and flow rate as the plants mature. They are fed via 13mm i/d (16mm dia) Polypipe. A radius of 4m is normal. The unit comprises of a Butterfly Bridge, Leakage Prevention Device and an Upside Down Sprinkler head. The head can be interchanged with the Misting Nozzle.

Greenhouse production tends to be both labour and capital intensive and demands high yields and high quality products to justify the investment. The use of Misting Nozzles enables optimum conditions of air temperature and air humidity to be maintained, as well as providing essential nourishment for the crop. In very hot environments the fine mist cools the air and prevents health stress of vegetation. Above 30C, growth may stop completely as the stomata in the leaves close and so prevents nourishment. The misting process keeps the temperature down by evaporation.

1) Shows Individual Misters can also be installed directly Into Polypipe, as shown in diagram. 2) Shows both the Misters and the Sprinklers can be connected via a length of Microbore pipe. This allows control of the unit with a valve. 3) Shows how Upside-down Sprinklers can be connected directly into the 13mm i/d Polypipe. The unit is secured by a barb. 4) A Hole Punch is used to make the hole in the 13mm i/d Pipe. 5) Another possible configuration is to have individual misters rather than four a way unit.

 13mm i/d (16mm ) Polypipe is run over-head. garden irrigation supplies bullet A hole punch is used to make precise hole. garden irrigation supplies bullet All connections are push fit.


During the summer months many animals are prone to overheating. getting too hot causes severe distress to the animals. Most efficient way of providing cooling for these animals is to fill the surrounding air with a very fine mist. The Misting Nozzle is designed to deliver such a fine mist that the water has evaporated before the droplet reaches the animal. This has the added benefit that animals do not get damp. The humidity is the cooling factor and a 5-second burst of misting will significantly reduce the ambient temperature.