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Withytree Farm, Broadway Road,
Near Winchcombe, Glos.
GL54 5NT - Tel. 07854 888 861

This kit comprises of the following items:
1 x 25m 13mm i/d Polypipe
1 x Tap Connector
4 x 2-Way Connectors
1 x Hole Punch
1 x Pipe End Seal
10 x Assorted Micro Sprays & Spikes
1 x 15m Roll 3.6mm i/d Microbore Feed Pipe
Enough to irrigate 25m of Flower Borders

MICRO SPRINKLER and MICRO SPRAYS are used for borders, dense flower areas, rockeries, tropical gardens. Micro Sprays give accurate positioning of water. These units are easily hidden within the foliage and are therefore unobtrusive. Pop-Ups should be used to irrigate selected areas of lawn to provide general irrigation.

SPA irrigation is three times as fast as hand watering and infinitely more efficient. For 'fit and forget' irrigation use a timer - see Battery Controller. This ensures your garden will be watered regularly even when you are away on holiday.

1) Tap and Quick Hose Connector. 2) Tees allow spurs to be taken off the main polypipe. 3) Elbows enable close fitting round tight corners. 4) Use Hole Punch to make a precise hole in the polypipe. 5) Fit Mistake Plug by pushing on to Hole Punch first. 6) Extending Pipe - Allows the spray to be positioned away from supply. 7) Extension risers allow spray height to be raised. 8) Slide End Seal off to drain down in winter.

 The starting point of most irrigation systems is a BIB tap, this has a screw thread. garden irrigation supplies bullet Unroll the 13mm i/d Polypipe, to form main supply. garden irrigation supplies bullet From the tap leave enough pipe to enable the appropriate connection to be made. garden irrigation supplies bullet Feed the pipe around the garden, usually against a fence, hedge or wall, this keeps the pipe out of harms way, secure with Pipe Holdersgarden irrigation supplies bullet Place Micro Spike alongside the plants you wish to water. garden irrigation supplies bullet All Sprinkler/ Spray heads are interchangeable, simply screw them in.  garden irrigation supplies bullet The Hole Punch makes the correct size hole for the 2-way connector which inserts into the main supply. garden irrigation supplies bullet The Hole Punch also gives you extra leverage when pushing in a mistake pluggarden irrigation supplies bullet Spurs can be taken off the main supply using Tee Barb Connectorsgarden irrigation supplies bullet For tight corners use Elbow Barb Connectors, (Do not use too many as this decreases the water pressure). garden irrigation supplies bullet Two lengths of Polypipe can be joined using a Straight Barb Connectorgarden irrigation supplies bullet When making these connections ensure the pipe is cut straight, hot water can be used to make it easier to push over the barbs. (Jubilee Clips can be used). garden irrigation supplies bullet Seal the end of the Polypipe with an End Sealgarden irrigation supplies bullet Push the pipe through one of the holes and then bend it back through the other. garden irrigation supplies bullet The End Seal will make it easy to drain the system down at the end of the season. garden irrigation supplies bullet If a timer is required screw it onto the tap with the Tap and Quick Hose Connector underneath. garden irrigation supplies bullet Release the end seal and flush the system through to ensure no debris is in the main supply pipe. garden irrigation supplies bullet Replace the seal and your system is ready.